Meet our weekend bag. It has been cocking for a while now - but now it's finally here, our weekend bag with a zipper.

Two handles, almost one square meter of leather and 1150 stitches made by hand.

Choose with our without the removable and adjustable crossover strap. Pay attention to the price difference between the two variants. (Crossover strap pictures coming soon).

This longlasting surviver wont break from heavy stuff or rainy weather. The bag will patinate unconditional and fast over time - in a very beautiful way. 

Our inspiration comes from our leather boxes, but compared to our other boxes, this one is a softie.

The design is minimalistic with raw interior, made from raw-cut unlined leather. The bag comes with an divisible zipper that easily turns the closed bag into and open box.

This bag is handcrafted and hand stitched at our workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. Made from 1.0 mm vegetable-tanned european leather.

Bag H: 30 L: 50 W: 20 cm. The measurements are cabin-bag friendly, and allows you to bring the bag to the flight cabin.

Handles: 50 cm

Every bag is made to order. Production time is approx. two-three weeks. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions at - or if you have a deadline for using the bag.

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