About us

Ham Lerche About Us

We are Alexander and Line. We are the people behind Ham & Lerche. 

Everything we do, we do because we believe that good design creates a feeling of obviousness, sufficiency, perfection and excitement in people’s lives. 

The way we create good design is by designing functional, lasting, aesthetic, honest, and innovative products, which, at the same time, have been thought through down to the slightest detail. This is because it is important to us that our products are designed for people and for the way the products can and should be used.

That, specifically, is what we believe to be the cornerstone of good product design.

We both come from the smiley city of Aarhus in Denmark. That is the base for our lives and our business. We live together here, and we love it. Not far from our home, we have a workshop. This is where all the beautiful leather products are crafted. It is not very large, but it works very well. 

Ham & Lerche has long been a concept and a dream. 2015 was the year when we took the step from concept to reality and opened the doors of our small design company. Since then, a lot has happened. Our products are now sold both in brick-and-mortar stores and in online shops. You can see the list of retailers right here. At any given time, you can also buy your Ham & Lerche products on this site. 

If you would like to keep up with what’s happening with us, we are fairly active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you want to be one of the very first to receive news and exclusive discounts, you can sign up for our newsletter right here