Ham & lerche goods are made to last, but a little care goes
a long way in preserving the look and feel of your product.
Theat the leather from the beginning or when you think its needed.

Ham & lerche Leather Balm is a pure natural product, manufactured in Denmark according to old original craftsmanship traditions. Made for smooth leather surfaces.
This traditional colorless leather grease, keeps the leather soft, supple and extend the lifespan.
Genuine Danish beeswax and impregnating plant juices helps the leather to a water- and stain-resistant surface.

To use: Take a small amount at a time with your fingers or an old cloth/sponge and gently apply the balm to the leather surface. Try to reach the hole surface in a hurry. Allow to absorb, and final wipe the whole thing with an old dry cloth, to avoid sticky and greasy areas. Then enjoy your day.

Ingredients: Vaseline, marrow oil, genuine Danish beeswax and impregnating plant juice.
without any plastics, fluorine substances, silicone or solvents.