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Wrap your knitting essentials in leather.
This kit contains the A5 knit folder, a small scissor and an extra needle pad for knitting needles.
Fits most A5 paper pads and calendars. Two small pockets for secrets and other small stuff. One leather pad with a elastic band system for your knitting needles.

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The leather case designed, produced and packed in our little workshop in Aarhus. Made from 1.5mm vegetable-tanned european leather.

Folder: 16 x 23,5 cm. Pad: 14 x 21,2 cm Scissor 12,5 cm

Dispatch within one business day.

*personalized orders dispatches within 3-4 business days. If you are in a hurry, let us know.

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Rest of the world: 5-10 business days.

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