ham lerche feat. berlin.

September 21, 2016

ham lerche feat. berlin.

This is not only a small celebration of a wonderful city and a great trip, but also our first blog post ever. Hope you will enjoy my little story. 

A couple of weeks ago (read: nearly two months ago), we were in Berlin to gather new inspiration for future collections. 

We have been in Berlin lots of times, and it is always like a kids’ birthday party for us. By that I mean that we map out all the interesting places we can think of and the treasure hunt begins. Luckily there are several trophies.

New discoveries in the city are like presents. The architecture is the wrapping and what’s inside is the present. Sometimes you regret tearing the wrapping off, other times you are happy you did.

This time Berlin was like 5 days of Christmas.

Normally, we explore the city on foot and by metro, but this time we chose bikes, and it turned out to be an amazing choice. 

Doing it this way, we were able to easily jump off at every interesting spot, store, or corner we came across on our way - and of course at the flea markets.

And no less importantly, we could easily track down just the right amount of coffee, cake, and ice cream needed by explorers on the go. 

And yes, of course it was also a wet choice once in a while, but when you live in Denmark, a little rain doesn’t scare you. In fact, rain can be quite comforting and familiar – kidding!


So, where did we actually go? I have picked a few noteworthy places.

We arrived in the city late one Wednesday afternoon. 

After 9 hours on a bus from Aarhus, the only reasonable thing to do was to eat at our all-time favorite Asian street food vendor in the city: District Mot Saigon street food.

Try the Asian burger, it has won several prices, and for good reason - you won’t regret it!

This place is the best in the street food genre, but there is a steady influx of eating guests, so you have to eat quickly. The food is delicious, however!

Another noteworthy place is the wildest place on earth – at least if you are a creative soul - 

Modular World!

I love this place - Alexander could more easily get his hands down. He is usually pretty excited for the first hour or so, but after that it goes downhill fast. 

Of course, this was the first store we visited on Thursday morning. The place is huge, like a mall, and (in my opinion) contains only useful and beautiful stuff. Everything from the smallest paperclip to the coolest office furniture. Envelopes, pens, pencils, erasers, fabrics, and paints. They also have their own 3D print workshop and laser lab. And last, but not least, a gigantic bookstore and a coffee shop. It’s heaven on earth. 

The days all followed in the same track as described above - it was a perfect mix of inspiration, stores, flea markets, and amazing food and drinks. (Another great thing is that when you visit from Denmark, you’ll find the food and drinks much cheaper than you’re used to).

During our 5 wonderful days in this city, we ended up finding a wonderful pizza place. The pizza crust is made from sourdough and the ingredients are delicious. – This is also a very important and remarkable place. It is amazing inside, but weather permitting, I recommend eating your pizza outside among the beautiful trees and architecture. Bon appetit! So if you haveo’t tried this place yet, give it a go. - The standart Berlin - serious pizza.


We love you Berlin, and this won’t be our last visit. 

Until next time